RND Corner Grille

RND Corner Grille located at 801 Mass.

Round Corner Drug. Esquina. Intorno. And of course, The Cheese Shoppe. All of these businesses has lived inside of 801 Massachusetts, but now it is home to a new restaurant. RND Corner Grille opened in December 2015 and shares it’s owners with Kansas City’s Coal Vines Pizzeria and Westport Ale House, Zach Marten and Bret Spring.

This building has quite a history. Round Corner Drugstore moved into the space at 801 Mass after it’s original location (inside of the Eldridge House, a block to the north) was torched to the ground during Quantrill’s Raid of Lawrence in 1863. The Round Corner Drugstore was in operation until 2009, opened for nearly 150 years, and was the oldest pharmacy in the state at the time of it’s closing. I can’t imagine what medical advancements must have been seen coming and going from this small corner in Lawrence, Kansas.



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