Don’t Hold the Elevator, I’ll Take the Stairs

These wooden stairs have always jumped out at me because they are seemingly placed randomly, just off the side of a gravel road. Upon closer inspection, it’s obvious that they are used to get over a barbed-wire fence. Metal, ladder-type devices are more common in the area to get over fences where there is no gate nearby, which definitely makes this set of stairs stand out.

Although capturing the image was poorly executed (check settings before pushing the button, check settings before pushing the button), I think I was able to salvage this image. After basic processing in Lightroom, I brought it into Photoshop for more detailed processing. Mainly, I had to remove a telephone pole’s support cable that ran diagonally through the image. After that, I had to recreate some parts of the branches (and sky) that were hidden behind the cable. The image was finished up by taking a run through Topaz Lab’s Impression and Texture Effects filters.


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